Blake’s 30th Party DJ Hire in Beckenham, Kent

Blake’s 30th Party DJ Hire in Beckenham, Kent

The last few weeks have been extremely busy, especially with our DJ Hire packages. This weekend was no exception. Blake was a well known club promoter we used to work with lots in the past, renowned for throwing huge events. For this reason, there was no doubt this event would attract lots of the friends and family he had made along the journey. Blake wanted a large lighting and sound setup with a DJ to mix everything from Motown to House, Garage and even Drum & Bass, he selected our very own DJ Dan and the Platinum DJ Hire Package.

Blake also added white chair covers and LED screens to show photos of him and friends throughout the years. This was a great way of adding humour to the night in addition to being a great conversation starter between guests.

Our Platinum Package is booked slightly less than our ever popular premium and Gold package due to the size and setup time it requires. When it is booked for a special occasion like this we always ensure our client gets the best possible setup and every little detail meets their expectations. The Platinum package consists of:

  • Your hand picked DJ on the night dressed to match your event dress code.
  • A custom made playlist for your event.
  • Our luxury DJ stand with a choice of matt black or starlight white twinkling wrap around cloth
  • High Definition 1800 watt speakers or four 500 watt speakers
  • Dual lasers to produce a fantastic club effect when combined with the vertical smoke machine.
  • 4 x moving head dance floor lights
  • 8 x LED up lighters.
  • 4 x LED solid cubes (these look fantastic in your event and can be set to static colours or pulsing and strobing through multiple colours. They can be used as decoration, tables or even chairs)
  • 1 x vertical smoke machine with built in LED’s (these light the jet of smoke)

Over the last 3 years this package has adapted slightly as we have improved our equipment and perfected what is in our opinion the ultimate party DJ package. Here are some images taken during the setup at Blake’s 30th at Club Langley in Beckenham, Kent.

The venue before we started the installation:


As you can see the venue is an extremely blank canvas, with white walls and fairly unattractive tables & chairs, we always suggest for our clients to opt for chair & table covers in this type of situation which completely changes the visual appearance of the event space. Until you make a direct comparison between the two it is hard to fully appreciate the difference chair and table covers can make to an event. Here is an image of the same area below with basic chair and table covers to match the black and white theme we kept running throughout the event:

Blakes 30th-Chair-Covers-Bromley-Beckenham-Kent

The main time spent on the installation of our Platinum Package is wiring and testing the LED sound activated uplighter cables around the venue and into the controller and lights. Once setup we can change the colour or mode at the click of a button without any of the event guests noticing, it also means we don’t have to touch a single light or exit the DJ booth during the process. This can work extremely well when changing between different genre’s and music styles. For example at the start of the night we would pick a static colour to light the whole venue up (in this case white). This creates a relaxed mood where guests are encouraged to catch up, say hello to each other and socialise, after all it may have been years since they have last seen each other in person.

Once the party kicks off and the majority of the guests have arrived we would switch the lighting to a sound activated mode where the uplighters will flash together in time to the music being played. This gives the nightclub/party feel at an event by surrounding the dance floor in light and actually encourages guests to get on the dance floor. It is extremely important in our opinion to set lighting correctly at an event, if you were to walk into a party at 8pm for example and a full light and laser show with loud club music was playing it would immediately set the wrong vibe. First impressions at a party are everything, you want your guests to feel relaxed so that when the time is right they can work their way onto the dancefloor with confidence and party the night away. Many people talk about how the perfect warmup DJ is hard to come by, this is exactly what they mean, especially when your DJ will remain the same person throughout the night. We ensure the playlist for the event and the DJ ease your guests into the night and set the the correct tone from the start.

Here are some images of how we used our up lighters to create an ambient light throughout the event space:

LED Uplighters-Party-DJ-Hire-Bromley-Beckenham-Kent




The lighting also consisted of dual lasers and four moving heads mounted onto the DJ stand overhead goal post, these helped to create the nightclub feel that Blake was looking to achieve, with the help of our vertical smoke machines which create a jet of smoke that fires up towards the ceiling. The smoke machine is controller via a wireless remote control and can be set off for set amounts of time to fill the room with the exact amount of smoke required, here are some images showing the lighting from the DJ booth and the LED screens in use:



Blake was thrilled with the look and sound of the room once our installation had finished and decided to use the LED cubes as decoration to light up the underside of the buffet food tables which produced a fantastic effect. The party saw over 300 guests arrive and party the night away util the early hours with music perfectly mixed by DJ Dan. Here are some shots of the party in action, the photographer even caught our very own DJ Dan in action:





If you are planning a 30th or any other event and are looking for a DJ or help with the planning and execution please get in touch now. We have many years experience at a wide range of events and venues throughout London and the Southeast. We can even help to answer any questions you might have and make suggestions on things to bear in mind with the planning process.

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