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Sweet 16th’s are becoming a big occasion in the England, everyone wants to throw a big party to celebrate the occasion with friends and have their favourite music as a soundtrack. We were contacted by Chloe who wanted to throw a party for her 16th birthday after attending some of her friends 16th parties. Chloe decided against holding the party at a venue and instead to use her garden and garage as the event space instead. Chloe already had a temporary gazebo/marquee but not any flooring, lighting, DJ or equipment. We installed a waterproof carpeted flooring for the marquee and state of the art LED furniture, cocktail tables with wraps, sound activated lighting and our Premium DJ Package.

Due to the uneven floor and trees in the garden our event carpet was laid out and cut around to cover the grass and pavement, this way none of Chloe’s friends would loose a heel or two to the grass beneath them. As with many of our events the main space the DJ would be setup in was a empty space and due to the small size of the garage about 9 metres long x 3 metres wide we needed to ensure no space was wasted. We decided to setup the sound activated uplighters and moving heads facing down to create a club effect and keep any cables off the floor. This way there would be no tripping hazard for the event guests and giving maximum space for partying. Here are some images of the garage space showing the setup and lighting to match Chloe’s nightclub themed 16th theme:

16th Birthay & Event-Planning/Management in Bromley Beckenham Orpington Kent


Click on the link below for a short video of the lighting setup in use before the event:

Chloe’s 16th Birthday – Equipment hire Demonstration

Chloe loved the LED furniture from our Lumaform range which was set to the fade mode which cycles through a range of colours, we also set a small amount of the furniture on a strobe mode to stand out from the rest. The LED furniture is becoming extremely popular as it is not only completely wireless but also very lightweight and weatherproof, this means it can be used for outdoor events in addition to indoor events. Chloe picked LED CubesOpen Cube Ice buckets & then LED Spheres for the tops of the poseur cocktail tables. Here are some images of the LED furniture in use combined with our Tam Tam stools:


From the planning stage of the party we knew how tight space would be so we suggested for our client to opt for our 16th DJ premium package, this is much smaller than our larger Platinum package as it uses many space saving techniques such as a much smaller Pioneer DDJWEGO2 controller in comparison to the standard CDJ 2000’s, this also links to the Djay Application on iPad and has integration with Spotify, meaning our DJ’s can search for requests online and drop the track straight onto the decks and mix into the next track. There’s no longer an excuse for DJ’s not having a track a party guests asks for (unless of course it is completely terrible and might empty the dance floor in the first ten seconds). Joking aside this DJ setup can make the most of small spaces and in this case turn a small Garage into a state of the art nightclub.



If you are interested in booking a DJ for your party or event or would like information on anything mentioned here, please get in touch with us now. We have a wide range of DJ’s for 16th, 18th, 21’st Birthdays and much more, we also use the best equipment to ensure you get the best results at your event!

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