Smoke Machines & Special Effects

Smoke Machines:

Smoke machine hire is the ultimate way to create atmosphere at your event. Whether you want to enhance your lighting fixtures at a venue or create atmosphere. Smoke machines have a range of uses and benefits.

We can supply everything from small machines to high output smoke machines with built in LED’s.

Take a look at our range of machines below, these are all available to hire in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and London:

Acme HP4D 1500w Vertical Fogger

A high powered, large output vertical smoke machine, capable of filling a small room in a matter of seconds. Provided with a wireless remote control for ease of use. The wireless remote has 4 different buttons which trigger different lengths of smoke output so you can easily set the amount of smoke you want from the machine.

This smoke machine produces an amazing effect which will really get your event guests talking and fires the smoke dramatically upwards to where your lights are situated to maximise the lights effectiveness.

Provided with a full tank of fragranced smoke fluid.

Day Price: £30
Week Price: £60

Acme HP4D 1500w Vertical Fogger - Party and club lighting equipment hire

ADJ VF400 Horizontal Fog/Smoke Machine

A simple, compact horizontal smoke machine with built in fluid tank and wired remote control. This is the perfect smoke machine to enhance the look of the lighting at your event.

This smoke machine is best suited to small venues, however dependant on the amount of smoke you require could be used at larger venues.

Provided with a full tank of smoke fluid.

Day Price: £20
Week Price: £40


ADJ Fog Fury Jett – High Power Multiple Directional LED Fog/Smoke Machine

This brand new high velocity smoke machine mixes light from 12 3 watt LED bulbs around the smoke output to light up the jet of smoke as it is output from the machine. This creates an easy and safe incredible co2 look without the dangers and risks that co2 cannons create.

The unit is supplied with a simple wireless controller which makes it easy to set of the jet of smoke after a big drop in a song that is being played producing a fantastic effect to wow your guests.

The unit can also be mounted both horizontally, vertically and upside down (when mounted on a lighting truss). The removable tank allows the unit to be pointed towards a particular area without spillage from the fluid reserve.

The ADJ Fog Fury Jett can either be floor mounted or hung from a lighting bar or truss.

Provided with a full tank of smoke fluid.

Day Price: £50
Week Price: £100